Friday, July 31, 2009

Where Has Summer Gone?

As I find time to sit for a minute, I will check my e-mail and run through my favorite blogs. But as I read the blogs, I can see that everyone is sooo busy with all the goings on of summer that we don't have time to update our blogs. I know there are a few that have time to at least update once a week and then there are others that have time to update more often, but I am one that hasn't done an update in about a month or so.
It has been too nice to be indoors and if I am indoors, I am too tired do do anything except sleep, because I have worked my butt off outside.
The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous for the past month. A little on the colder side for July, but still beautiful. This past week we have gotten into a rain mode. One day rain, then two dry days, then scattered showers, then sun again. The humidity is up and my air conditioner hasn't been off in a week. Farming has been great. Crops are on tract and hay has been all put up. we are waiting on second cutting and for the sweetcorn to come in. The boys have been very busy doing the farm chores. We also got some pigs this year. they are a big hit at the farm!

The chicks have grown and they needed a new chicken run, so spent some time and built one for them. After about a week I had to revise the design and add a door so I could reach the feeders more easily. You see, Grace is not my middle name, and I tripped and broke my baby toe again. I needed easy access to the chicken feeders without doing acrobatics with my toe. The broken toe also meant I was off work again. I can't get a shoe on to save my soul, not that I haven't tried. So flip flops have been my pal for the last 4 weeks.

The goats came to visit after I came down with a severe case of poison ivy. They can eat up the poison ivy around the yard and it doesn't bother them. Everyone here in the house has had some poison ivy. We think the dogs are walking through it and them getting it on their fur and we pet them and it gets all over us. The goats are doing a good job of eating it up!

I have the funniest Rooster. His name is Don King. He is a Polish chicken. It is a breed of chicken that I have never seen before. He has this top hat of feathers that remind me of Don King's hairdo! He really is a beautiful rooster. He has a girlfriend named Alvira.
We have also had some other births here at the farm. Sweetie and Tina have come to stay this summer and they both delivered beautiful heifer calves. They have been doing a great job nursing and taking care of their babies and eating up the pastures.

We are all trying to deal with the recent economic downturn. Cutting back where we can and staying close to home. Small side trips are all we have done, and there isn't any plans to do any travel far from home. My DIL has made some changes, from Kindergarten to Second grade, which will be exciting for her, and she is also moving buildings within her district. I will be helping her get some things ready for her classroom.
The garden is bountiful and my DIL and I have been canning up a storm. We have done pickles and jelly so for. Beets, beans ans zucchini are next. It has made for a very busy summer. What did you do this summer! I hope you all had fun!