Sunday, April 19, 2009

Working up a Storm!

The weather has finally started to cooperate and I have been able
to get some projects done outside.
I started cleaning chicken coops, in preparation for the new chicks.
The plan for the new barn addition has been put on hold for now, and Dave and I have discussed some other options for housing the new chicks.
I told him, I have about 3 weeks before I have to have things ready to go.
Our plans have been brewing in our heads.
He has been looking for some recyclable materials at the farm.
We try not to invest too much into the chicken housing because we have so much that we can recycle, we just have to check our inventories.
I also have been tying up a few ends here at home,
unfinished projects and things that were put aside last fall.
One of those things that came up was a Black & Decker work bench
I had gotten for a Christmas gift in December 2007!
Even though it came with instructions,
I had the most difficult time putting it together.
For those that know me, that is really unusual and this thing had me totally baffled.
I came across it again in the garage while I was doing some other woodworking.
I found the legs but couldn't recall where the rest of the pieces were.
I did some searching and couldn't find them....
until I went to look for something else and there they were.
So I struggled and got the thing together!
Now it looks like it could be a very handy item in the workshop!
I have been also working on some other projects.
I received new cordless tools for Christmas and I have been working up a storm!
I need transport boxes for the chickens, to take them to the auction.
I looked online and they were so expensive.
I found a picture and thought....well I can make one of those.
I actually made three.
The first one was a prototype. I had no plans, measurements or drawings.
I just went by the photograph I had. Each one got better as I made them.
I had plenty of hardware, hinges and such, laying around so I used what I had here at home.
Then when I was scrounging around in the barn, I came across an old stool that I was going to repair and never had the time. I glued it, painted it and put some decals on it, gave it a seal coat and it looked great. Onto the next project.....
During all this work, I found time to go to the Mt Hope Auction.
This place is trouble for me.....sometimes I take eggs to sell, but I always seem to come home with something. This time it was a Banty hen and her chicks. They were so cute! She is a good mother and her chicks like to ride on her back.
I also found some Silkie chicks. I have been looking for some all spring. Now I have 3 and I am thrilled. I am going to the auction this week....I might find some more chicks!
They look so cut on the new stool!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Supporting the March of Dimes

My friend Debbie is walking to support the March of Dimes.
If you can, click on the link to donate $$$$. If you can't donate,
please think of her as she completes her walk on April 18th.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Polish Chicks

I sold 8 roosters and bought 26 chicks. I seem to like the stranger things in life. These are Polish chicks. Some of the chicks I bought were 4 weeks old, 2 weeks old, 1 week old and 2 days old.
4 weeks and 2 weeks old

Buff Polish Chicks 1 week old

Buff Polish Chicks 1 week and Black Polish chicks 2 days old

Polish Chicks

Polish Chicks have a tuft of feathers or a "hat'" they are the craziest chicks I have ever seen.
I still am waiting to get Silkies and Frizzles......

What Comes First the Chicken or the Egg?

I go to barn everyday and I see eggs...
so what came first the chicken or the egg?
I have two hens that are broody, which means they are ready to sit on the eggs to hatch them. I have fertile eggs because I have a rooster, well actually I had 11 roosters. On Wednesday I took 8 of them to the Mount Hope Auction. I now have 3 left. More on that later.....

This hen will stay in her nest only getting up once or twice during the day to get food and water. She won't eat it even if I put it in her nest. Unless I leave eggs under her for 21 days, she may sit there until she expires. I had two nutty hens do this to me last year.

This hen is also trying to sit on eggs. I take them from her becasue it is still too cold out for her to hatch them and let them be reared by her.
When I went to the Auction I found the most adorable Polish Chicks....
So I brought them home and stuck them under the hen. She started cooing imediately. The chicks ran to her and climbed right under her wings for heat.
So I really didn't let her hatch them but she thinks she did, so she is being a good chicken mom!

Oh did I mention that I sold the 8 roosters.......
and I brought home 26 chicks!