Sunday, December 6, 2009

Welcome Winter

So where did fall go? We really aren't ready for
the cold and snow, but Mother Nature has different ideas.

Mick has cut and split a lot of wood for the wood furnace, and we have to get it all stacked. He is thinking it is going to be a cold winter. I don't like the cold and snow, it hurts my bones.
I had to get the heated waterers out for the chickens yesterday. They don't seem to mind the cold, but I know I had some guineas with frozen feet last year. Hopefully it won't be as cold this year.

We got our first taste of snow the week of Thanksgiving, up until then, we were
in the 60's during the day. Now that we
got the first snow, it cold, and really cold!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Fall

Fall shows up and here I am another year older. You wonder where all the time goes. Then I sit back and look at the photos I have captured and they tell my story and document my time.
I can see that I haven't had much time to blog, I know I have been outdoors most of the summer.
When I am inside it was to can tomatoes and pickles and various other crops.
My photos are slightly out of order and it is too early in the morning for me to mess around with them. This is Tiffany's new Classroom. She is now teaching at Garfield Elementary. It is the school the boys went to. I had to make her new curtains for her room.

Besides all the canning, I also messed around with chicks, and chickens. I am trying some different breeds for variety. I like the odd and rarer breeds, but they can be fussy to raise.

I find the mortalitiy is higher than your standard chickens, but they are so pretty.
We had a small issue with the gender of some of the flock. I gave some hens to an urban farmer friend, and we found out later that it was a rooster, and no roosters in the city allowed! So they brough it back to me and we traded for another hen. Then they called and had another rooster from a friend, so now I am the proud owner of a Black Cochin Rooster, and he is GRAND!
The fall flowers are gorgeous and the weeds have taken over most of my beds. There just wasn't enough time to kepp everything in A1 condition

Along the way, I went back to work this summer, only to break my little toe again, so I was off for another 8 weeks. Now I am back at work and back to my old department. Hopefully it will be easier on my bones.
Now we wait for winter!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


This Article appeared in our local paper. The author is John Gladden, and his columns are hilarious. Thanks John for your humor.....we love it.

You might be a ‘ruralosexual’ if you can relate to this column
By: John Gladden July 21st, 2009 · Medina Gazzette

In recent years, the term “metrosexual” has burrowed its way into the public dictionary, describing a person who is urban, stylish and has a penchant for luxury. The word has been applied to the likes of actor Brad Pitt, soccer star David Beckham, and others among the similarly hip and famous.
Somehow, it doesn’t seem to describe me or most of the people I know. Most of us don’t live in big cities, couldn’t care less about what’s in fashion, and don’t spend a dollar we don’t have to. We’re more like “ruralosexuals.”
How do you know you’re a ruralosexual? Well, the first sign may be that you are vaguely uncomfortable with any word that has “sexual” in it.
Nevertheless, you can bet you’re a ruralosexual if:

Your idea of entertainment is pulling up a chair and watching the chickens strut around the yard.

The smells of good hay and freshly turned earth are better than perfume.

You run a tab at the parts store.

In summer, you mow your grass once a month, whether it needs it or not.

Most of what’s in your freezer is food you produced yourself.

You know where to find wild berries all summer long.

Throwing something away goes against every moral fiber of your being.

You have stay-at-home clothes and going-into-town clothes.

A good day is when you don’t have to go into town at all.

Your idea of getting a snack is taking a paring knife and salt shaker out to the garden.

You slow down and look at every truck, tractor or piece of equipment for sale at the side of the road.

You’re always racing the sun.

Your thumbs and the sides of your index fingers are stained with dirt for the duration of the

summer from pulling weeds in the garden.

It’s just “fair,” not “the fair.” As in: I’m getting ready for fair.

Your spouse can tell how nasty a chore you plan on doing any given day by the age and condition of the ball cap you put on when you walk out the door.

You’ve taken care of puppies and kittens abandoned on your road.

You’ve reached your hands into places that would scare Indiana Jones.

You’ve fixed things that would stump even MacGyver.

You’ve put on moves that would rival Michael Jackson as you’ve danced out of the way of moving livestock, angry bees, loaded skunks and ankle-twisting groundhog holes.

The wannabes in the cowboy hats just make you smile.

You spend more time outside than in.

You don’t know your own cell phone number, but you have the vet’s number memorized.

You’ve “used the facilities,” shall we say, from a moving tractor because you didn’t want to stop work.

You’ve stopped work to let a family of rabbits scurry to safety.

The patches on your clothes have patches on them.

You know how to blow your nose without using a tissue.

Every time you hear someone driving a tractor up the road, you know who it is by the sound of the engine.

Broken-down vehicles and rusty machines just seem like a natural part of the landscape.

You’ve nearly put your vehicle into a ditch because you were so intently studying a garden, building, crops or animals you were passing by.

Your primary unit of organization is “pile,” as in: a pile of scrap, a pile of manure, a pile of wood, a pile of trouble.

You enjoy getting soaked in a well-needed rain as much as plants do.

What was supposed to be a “temporary fix” on a building or piece of equipment has lasted 10 years.

You live by the rule that if it’s free, you take it.

In the winter, you’d rather watch the fire in the stove, or the fireflies outside on a summer night, than to watch TV.

You worry when the wind blows, when it’s too dry or too wet, when it’s too cold or too hot.

You’ve been so filthy, you’ve had to undress on the porch before being allowed to enter the house.

You wish there was an open season on trespassing four-wheelers.

You have an everyday pocketknife and a special-occasions pocketknife.

A date with your significant other usually involves a stop at the tractor store.

You’ve got dirt under your fingernails, except for the one that’s busted off.

You pull off your T-shirt and your skin looks like you are still wearing a white T-shirt.

You’ve stopped along the road to salvage a stick of firewood that fell off someone’s truck.

You envy people with 40-hour workweeks and regular paychecks, but you wouldn’t trade places with them for anything.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Where Has Summer Gone?

As I find time to sit for a minute, I will check my e-mail and run through my favorite blogs. But as I read the blogs, I can see that everyone is sooo busy with all the goings on of summer that we don't have time to update our blogs. I know there are a few that have time to at least update once a week and then there are others that have time to update more often, but I am one that hasn't done an update in about a month or so.
It has been too nice to be indoors and if I am indoors, I am too tired do do anything except sleep, because I have worked my butt off outside.
The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous for the past month. A little on the colder side for July, but still beautiful. This past week we have gotten into a rain mode. One day rain, then two dry days, then scattered showers, then sun again. The humidity is up and my air conditioner hasn't been off in a week. Farming has been great. Crops are on tract and hay has been all put up. we are waiting on second cutting and for the sweetcorn to come in. The boys have been very busy doing the farm chores. We also got some pigs this year. they are a big hit at the farm!

The chicks have grown and they needed a new chicken run, so spent some time and built one for them. After about a week I had to revise the design and add a door so I could reach the feeders more easily. You see, Grace is not my middle name, and I tripped and broke my baby toe again. I needed easy access to the chicken feeders without doing acrobatics with my toe. The broken toe also meant I was off work again. I can't get a shoe on to save my soul, not that I haven't tried. So flip flops have been my pal for the last 4 weeks.

The goats came to visit after I came down with a severe case of poison ivy. They can eat up the poison ivy around the yard and it doesn't bother them. Everyone here in the house has had some poison ivy. We think the dogs are walking through it and them getting it on their fur and we pet them and it gets all over us. The goats are doing a good job of eating it up!

I have the funniest Rooster. His name is Don King. He is a Polish chicken. It is a breed of chicken that I have never seen before. He has this top hat of feathers that remind me of Don King's hairdo! He really is a beautiful rooster. He has a girlfriend named Alvira.
We have also had some other births here at the farm. Sweetie and Tina have come to stay this summer and they both delivered beautiful heifer calves. They have been doing a great job nursing and taking care of their babies and eating up the pastures.

We are all trying to deal with the recent economic downturn. Cutting back where we can and staying close to home. Small side trips are all we have done, and there isn't any plans to do any travel far from home. My DIL has made some changes, from Kindergarten to Second grade, which will be exciting for her, and she is also moving buildings within her district. I will be helping her get some things ready for her classroom.
The garden is bountiful and my DIL and I have been canning up a storm. We have done pickles and jelly so for. Beets, beans ans zucchini are next. It has made for a very busy summer. What did you do this summer! I hope you all had fun!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just Another Summer Day

The sun has been out here and the weather has been pretty fine. Dave is making hay and is as happy as could be. The corn is up and the wheat is starting to head out. We have had a pretty good growing season so far. The weathermen must be on crack, because they can't get a forecast straight, we can predict the weather better than they can with all those fancy sophisticated weather measuring tools!
There is so much yard work and chicken chores to do that I haven't had a moment to sit down and check out the blogs.
The Guinea Keets are hatching...11 so far.... they will probably go to auction. I have too many now! The neighbors are complaining that they are noisy, but I have to listen to their flippin' ATV's and motorcycles...or the weed wacker at 8:00am....don't they realize, some people work nights..... Anyways, as soon as something exciting happens here I will update the blog.
Enjoy the summer sunshine!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Hatch Continues

I ordered 50 chicks from the hatchery. They arrived on May 5th. During that week, my DIL Tiffany had a school project called Flat Stanley. Each child drew a self portrait and mailed them to someone for an adventure. I received Flat Lillian. Flat Lillian lived with me for about a week. She helped with the chick chores, went to work with me and enjoyed the apple blossoms on the trees. By the time she was ready to go back to school, she was very tired. She was a very good guest , she didn't eat much, and didn't take up too much space, but I know she had a good time. After her adventure with me at the farm, we put together a poster of her activities and it was presented at the school's Open House.

Flat Lillian with the new chicks.

The new chicks were doing great and then the eggs we ordered, and my friend Jim put in his incubator, started to hatch. It was very exciting! We now have 10 Blue Jersey Giant chicks, 27 Ameraucana chicks, 25 brown egg laying chicks and 8 Silkie chicks. They Ameraucana Chicks will lay green or blue tinted eggs.

Well it didn't stop there..... the other eggs we put in Jim's incubator started to hatch and before we knew it, there were about 100 chicks. We decided that we would take our chances and try to sex the chicks ourselves. When you order chicks from a hatchery, they come sexed, which means they are either pullets (females) or cockerels (males) and straight run ( mixed sexes).

When you hatch them yourself you have no way of telling them apart unless you do a vent check. Chicks have internal sex organs, so you have to put on your glasses and in a good light, and look at their behinds! Jim and I took a stab at it and checked one of the chicks that we knew was a male( came from the hatchery marked as a male) and started to compare chicks. We think we did a pretty good job. All the cockerels will be sold at the auction, females will be kept as egg layers at our farms.

I am waiting for my eggs to hatch that I have in my incubator. They are due to hatch this week.

My Guinea hens also started to lay eggs. I collected them and put them in the incubator. They take 28 days to incubate before they hatch. They have about 2 more weeks. The keets will then go to Jim's house.

Jim and his wife Gail, also raise Flat Coated Retrievers. He brought some of the puppies over for a photo shoot. They are really so cute! My problem is I can't tell them apart!

Can you?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Working up a Storm!

The weather has finally started to cooperate and I have been able
to get some projects done outside.
I started cleaning chicken coops, in preparation for the new chicks.
The plan for the new barn addition has been put on hold for now, and Dave and I have discussed some other options for housing the new chicks.
I told him, I have about 3 weeks before I have to have things ready to go.
Our plans have been brewing in our heads.
He has been looking for some recyclable materials at the farm.
We try not to invest too much into the chicken housing because we have so much that we can recycle, we just have to check our inventories.
I also have been tying up a few ends here at home,
unfinished projects and things that were put aside last fall.
One of those things that came up was a Black & Decker work bench
I had gotten for a Christmas gift in December 2007!
Even though it came with instructions,
I had the most difficult time putting it together.
For those that know me, that is really unusual and this thing had me totally baffled.
I came across it again in the garage while I was doing some other woodworking.
I found the legs but couldn't recall where the rest of the pieces were.
I did some searching and couldn't find them....
until I went to look for something else and there they were.
So I struggled and got the thing together!
Now it looks like it could be a very handy item in the workshop!
I have been also working on some other projects.
I received new cordless tools for Christmas and I have been working up a storm!
I need transport boxes for the chickens, to take them to the auction.
I looked online and they were so expensive.
I found a picture and thought....well I can make one of those.
I actually made three.
The first one was a prototype. I had no plans, measurements or drawings.
I just went by the photograph I had. Each one got better as I made them.
I had plenty of hardware, hinges and such, laying around so I used what I had here at home.
Then when I was scrounging around in the barn, I came across an old stool that I was going to repair and never had the time. I glued it, painted it and put some decals on it, gave it a seal coat and it looked great. Onto the next project.....
During all this work, I found time to go to the Mt Hope Auction.
This place is trouble for me.....sometimes I take eggs to sell, but I always seem to come home with something. This time it was a Banty hen and her chicks. They were so cute! She is a good mother and her chicks like to ride on her back.
I also found some Silkie chicks. I have been looking for some all spring. Now I have 3 and I am thrilled. I am going to the auction this week....I might find some more chicks!
They look so cut on the new stool!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Supporting the March of Dimes

My friend Debbie is walking to support the March of Dimes.
If you can, click on the link to donate $$$$. If you can't donate,
please think of her as she completes her walk on April 18th.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Polish Chicks

I sold 8 roosters and bought 26 chicks. I seem to like the stranger things in life. These are Polish chicks. Some of the chicks I bought were 4 weeks old, 2 weeks old, 1 week old and 2 days old.
4 weeks and 2 weeks old

Buff Polish Chicks 1 week old

Buff Polish Chicks 1 week and Black Polish chicks 2 days old

Polish Chicks

Polish Chicks have a tuft of feathers or a "hat'" they are the craziest chicks I have ever seen.
I still am waiting to get Silkies and Frizzles......

What Comes First the Chicken or the Egg?

I go to barn everyday and I see eggs...
so what came first the chicken or the egg?
I have two hens that are broody, which means they are ready to sit on the eggs to hatch them. I have fertile eggs because I have a rooster, well actually I had 11 roosters. On Wednesday I took 8 of them to the Mount Hope Auction. I now have 3 left. More on that later.....

This hen will stay in her nest only getting up once or twice during the day to get food and water. She won't eat it even if I put it in her nest. Unless I leave eggs under her for 21 days, she may sit there until she expires. I had two nutty hens do this to me last year.

This hen is also trying to sit on eggs. I take them from her becasue it is still too cold out for her to hatch them and let them be reared by her.
When I went to the Auction I found the most adorable Polish Chicks....
So I brought them home and stuck them under the hen. She started cooing imediately. The chicks ran to her and climbed right under her wings for heat.
So I really didn't let her hatch them but she thinks she did, so she is being a good chicken mom!

Oh did I mention that I sold the 8 roosters.......
and I brought home 26 chicks!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time for Some Fun

I have been slaving away at the piles and mounds of receipts I have in my "office" for the farm taxes. It really took a lot of effort to get it done. I even got a head start on 2009's taxes. Last year I bought a gadget and program called Neat Receipts, which scans and categorizes your document. I finally put it to good use and learned how to make the categories fit my needs. I also went through all the receipts for 2008's Medical bills and prescriptions and got that all in order. I started putting this years stuff together too!.
So where does that leave me? I have 5 brown grocery bags full of unneeded paperwork, envelopes from bills( I pay online) and various other things that get dumped in my office. I filled a whole new file box with everything else and you can actually walk into the room. Saturday is the appointment with the accountant and I will be so relieved.
So here comes the fun stuff.
I sat down tonight and went through some of the blogs I follow and I am going to copy one of the blogs here because it looked like fun. Thanks Angie

My ABC's
A - Age: The big 50, but I mentally do not feel "old" but the body and joints tell a different story.
B - Bed Size: KING! After 22 years in a waterbed, It was time to give it up....we went to the King size...I can't even reach Dave on the other side, it is hell in the morning when he leaves his alarm on, it is so far to reach to shut it off. The only bad thing about a regular mattress vs. a is cold, but I fixed that with heated mattress pads!
C - Chore You Hate: House cleaning, any part of it. I would rather clean barns than the house.
D - Dad's Name: Frank
E - Essential Start Your Day Item: Tea, hot, cold,sweet, flavored, it doesn't matter.
F - Favorite TV Show: Anything CSI
G - Gold or Silver: Gold
H - Height: 5'4" Wish I was taller
I - Instruments You Play(ed): Nothing, nada, zip.....I have the talent of a flea. I can't sing either!
J - Job Title: Package Handler,UPS, evenings, 5/10pm, that is the paid job.... Mom, Chicken farmer, Domestic goddess are the freebies
K - Kid(s): 2 children, actually grown men now, 26 and 23 But I have been known to share my home with whoever the boys brought home, many of their friends call me mom
L - Living Arrangement: 3 Bedroom ranch on 4 acres.....semi rural, easy access to shopping, freeways and plenty of room for quiet
M - Mom's Name: Jeannette, I always loved my mothers name
N - Nicknames: My real name is Bernadine, (after a Pat Boone movie my father loved)but in the 5th grade, Miss Norris thought my name was too long, so she shortened it to Berni, My nieces and Nephews call me Aunt Bummy
O - Overnight Hospital Stays Other Than Birth: Several Minor surgeries....nothing longer than overnight!
P - Pet Peeve: Bad drivers, slow drivers, drivers talking on the cell phone, drivers in the fast lane, going slow, drivers not using there turn signals, and the worst one is drivers who don't even give you a wave when you let them out in front of you!
Q - Quotes You Like: Scars are tattoos with better stories!
R - Right or Left-Handed: Right.
S - Siblings: 2 brothers, 2 sisters, I am the oldest
T - Time You Wake Up: 5:30a.m. I get everyone up and off to work, then I can go back to bed, unless it is a day that is full of activities.
U- The Ultimate Dessert: Chocolate Brownie, or Brownie Sundae
V - Vegetable You Dislike: Can't think of one I don't like
W - Ways You Run Late: I don't like to be late. But there are days when I am fiddling around here or on line....and time gets away from me....but my cell phone has a calendar reminder and I set that often for special things.
X - X-rays You've Had: Teeth, shoulder, knee,hands,breasts
Y - Yummy Food You Make: Chicken fingers, my boys can't get enough of them
Z - Zoo Animal: Polar Bears.....I love the white fur!

So if you are so inclined try thinking of your ABC's and have some fun!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

So What Have I Been Doing?

As I sit down to take a break, I realized I haven't updated my blog in 4 weeks.... can you even imagine that? It is not that I haven't sat in front of the computer, or read any of my fellow bloggers' posts, it is just that I didn't seem to have the time or the subject matter to fill the space.
It has been cold and dreary here and there weren't too many decent opportunities for an interesting photo, so I was at a loss for subject matter.
So what have I been doing with all my time, you ask?
Well I am struggling with the Income Taxes.... I hate doing them, they involve a lot of bookkeeping and most of it is farm related and Dave does not help at all! Oh, he keeps the receipts in a folder on the counter top, sometimes, and I usually have to chase him down for the ones he leaves on the dash of his truck. I tried giving him a folder in the truck to keep them in, but that didn't work.
So I am just like every other American and I resort to boxes!
I was doing really good this year and had everything posted through April....and then I do not know what happened! I even bought this gadget called a Neat Receipt that scans and categorizes your receipts......
I never got past April 2008!!!!
So I finally sat down today, realizing I only had a few weeks to Tax Day and I still have not made my appointment with the Accountant!
I sorted through many of the receipts I had, and now I have to tally and total them up and hand the sheet to the accountant so he can do his depreciation magic and sit back and see what we owe or what we get refunded.

Piles of paper work!

Then I realized that some of my time was taken up by the boys....

They found themselves on Unemployment as of 3/6/2009

Their positions were eliminated.... which was just a line that employers are using to downsize and remove higher paid employees and rehiring employees at a lower wage.

Can I prove it? Probably not, but it is happening in more places than you think.
So they are home, and they are trying to keep busy and waiting for the weather to break, and hoping there will be some job openings.

Mick Loves Green.....Even his Motorcycles are Green!
So Mick took some time to work on his motorcycle and took a small trip one weekend.
He came home early from the trip. It was a rainy, wet, muddy weekend.
He slipped and fell in the mud.....he also re injured his knee.
So off to the Orthopedic Dr. on Monday, wait a week for a MRI, and then a return visit to the Dr.
Torn Meniscus, bone chips, and a possible partial tear to the ACL graft! So we have to wait until April for the surgeon, he is in Arizona for Spring training with the Indians!
Mick will have to have an arthroscope procedure again!

And then there is Spring!!!
I have been waiting months for Spring. I am not sure about everyone else, but this seemed like the longest winter we have had in a long time.
Dave bought me a new rototiller and he was so kind this morning to get it out and till the garden... Mick put several loads on cow manure on it and Dave worked it into the garden. The rototiller worked marvelously!
I went right out and planted my onions. The soil still feels a little cool, but onions are one of the crops that can be started early, before the last frost.
I am not sure when they are predicting the last frost, but in Northern Ohio, my mother in law always swears by a June 1st planting date for any tender crops.
now that the weather is nicer, I can get out do more.
I am excited because Spring means I can order Chicks! The new peeps arrive May 5th!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Proud to be an Eagle Scout

Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.

Scout Law
A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly,
courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty,brave,
clean, and reverent.

This past Sunday, I had the privilege to attend the ceremony for my nephew Tyler , as he achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.

Tyler is a freshman at Edison High School in Norwalk, Ohio. Besides Scouting, he is involved in sports, and plays the "Quads" in Marching Band.

During the ceremony, which was attended by many friends and family members, guest speakers told of Tyler's accomplishments and his ability to overcome adversity and succeed in his quest to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout.

Many of the speakers praised his work and ability to help others. The talked about his choices to do the right thing, not always the easiest thing. They talked about Tyler and how he helped younger scouts with different challenges. Tyler loved to participate in the Pinewood Derby, making knots and various other scouting activities. He has earned over 30 merit badges and continues to pursue more subjects to earn his Eagle Palms.

Many of the friends and family in attendance were brought to tears as they listened to the heartfelt speech given by his brother Jordan. Jordan is also an Eagle Scout and attends Jacksonville University in Florida. He made the trip home for this special occasion to tell everyone how he remembered helping his brother in his scouting achievements.

Tyler took the podium and thanked all those who helped him reach his goal, including his current and former Scoutmasters, his church youth leader and his Conformation mentor. He also thanked his parents and his Grandparents, Nana and Poppy, for all their help and presented them with special mentor pins to honor them.

Tyler's Eagle Scout Project was to install a concrete patio and benches at the football field behind the High School. He gathered many volunteers to help with his project and collected over $3000 in donations from friends, family and community members for the project.

My baby sister Christine is the the very proud mother of two fine young men. It hasn't been easy for her to raise her sons in an ever increasing challenging world. While working and going to school, she had the support of her family and friends and her husband Gary (G2) to help .

I am proud to be the aunt of two fine young men and equally proud of their achievement in obtaining the rank of Eagle Scout.
We are pictured here together with my third and youngest nephew, Frankie, who is a Cub Scout. He looks up to his older cousins and hopes to be an Eagle Scout one day.
While my boys didn't become scouts, they participated in and excelled in 4-H. Both organizations help young people to become responsible citizens through hard work and learning experiences.
So to Tyler.....
Way to go!
Love, Aunt Bummy

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Accident and Incindent Report

Under this lovely dressing is a 2.5 " wound and 5 stitches!

Did you ever just have an awful week?
I think this was my week.
Things just seemed to "happen".

I came down with a case of bronchitis, of course it was Saturday
and no Dr. available, so off to the Minute Clinic I went, on Sunday.
Armed with cough syrup with codeine and an inhaler, home I went, to bed.
The week progressed and I was getting better, the coughing eased up and
I felt better. I went to the hairdressers on Friday and
she colored my hair.....a little more blonde than I expected,
and when I got home, everyone gasped!

On Saturday, I came down with a UTI! Of course it was after
office hours at the Dr., so on Sunday I went off to the Urgi Care.
I took my shower before I went to the Urgi Care and
dried my blonde hair and burnt my forehead with the curling iron.OUCH!
Armed with an antibiotic, I went home to bed, again.
Tuesday I went back to the hairdresser and
she calmed the blonde down a bit.

Wednesday we get this snowstorm that dumps 12" of snow on us.
Stuck in the house again.

Today I was getting the trash bag out of the can
and while Adam pulled it up I held the can down
because the bag was stuck. As he lifted the bag,
something sharp poked through the bag and cut my left hand.
There was blood all over.
Quick, washcloth, direct pressure, get some socks and shoes on,
locate insurance cards, can't find immunization record....
and head to the Urgi Care for the 3rd time in a week and a half!
Do I remember when I had my last tetanus shot......NO,
so I called the Dr. Office, and they are "out to lunch".....go figure.
So I called the Health Department, where I get my immunizations
and they were OUT TO LUNCH!
But the receptionist was very helpful when
I explained that I was on my way to the Urgi Care
and she looked it up. Tetanus shot was good!

Walked into the Urgi Care with my hand elevated and
they asked if I was bleeding and I said Yes.
Off to the back I went, no waiting.
I didn't even have to fill out paper work....
I just told them I was there on Sunday.
The receptionist filled out the forms, all I had to do was sign.
Nice physician, very patient. Injected Novocaine into the wound and it didn't work.
Stitched me up anyway.
An hour and 5 stitches later, I was on my way home.
Ice and rest, keep it dry, come back in 2 days for a wound check,
stitches to be removed in 10 days.
I think I need another vacation. Or a padded room!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Heart Faces

This weeks category for I Love Faces is JOY!
There are many photos I have that could represent Joy,
but the one I keep coming back to is the one from my older
son Chris' wedding to Tiffany.
All I can see is the joy in their faces on that day!
They are still like that today!

And the little orbs floating in the picture....
are bubbles! Because it was so hot the day they got married,
we had the wedding ceremony inside the air conditioned building
instead if the sweltering heat.
So you can't throw birdseed or rice inside, so we blew bubbles!
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Friday, January 23, 2009


Welcome to SkyWatch Friday

This week's entries were hard to choose. I had
two photos that really inspired me.
The first one is a sunset photo. We have been
under the clouds for days on end here, and this
was the first glimps of the sky I had seen in days.

The second is the icicles that have been forming off the roof line.
I was under these looking up toward the sky.
They are becoming massive in length and size, and they can
become dangerous if they fall on your head, so of course
I got under them to look up through them!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Remodeling 101

We live in a 1960's three bedroom ranch with one bath. It is paid for and it is warm and comfy and has served us well raising 2 boys.
On the farm we are rough. There is always dirt, hay, feed, dog hair or something else making it's way into the house. While raising the boys we never had time or money to "redo" the house.
Necessity changed all that several years ago.
Back in 2001, we decided to do some remodeling. If you have done anything major to a house, you will know that nothing goes as planned. For every step forward there are two steps back.
We decided that we would do one room at a time, and as it worked out, it turned into one room or project a year.
The first question is what do you do with all the stuff in the area you are remodeling?
We started with the garage..... then we would have space to put the stuff from the house when we got that far. Dave did the garage the way he wanted, adding drywall, more electric, lighting,
a tool room and shelving.
We had to do some foundation work with the garage project, but it worked out well and I gained a breezeway addition to the house. It was a nice place to put coats and boots and other things instead of dropping them in the kitchen as in the past. I paneled the walls, laid ceramic tile and decorated the breezeway. Room one was done!
Life went on and we got to the kitchen. Walls had to come down, ceilings and joists repaired, new cabinets had to be custom made and flooring had to be installed. We lived, and ate in the living room with a microwave, and electric skillet and a sandwich maker for 6 months!
During this phase of the project, we also decided that we needed new windows, and if we were going to do the ones in the kitchen, we had to do the whole house so they would match.
One step forward, two back.
After the kitchen, college for two boys, a wedding and two surgeries interrupted the projects. Smaller bedroom projects were tackled and only consisted of paint, new carpet, and window treatments. This past summer, I finished the last bedroom by refinishing the hardwood floors and redecorating the room. In between all this, life went day at a time.
During all this time there was never enough room in the garage to move the stuff out of each room as planned, so we moved stuff from room to room in order to have space to work.
This past few weeks, I started the the living room........ Then I interjected a project at my mother in law's house, installing ceramic tile floor in her breezeway..... I put my things on hold for about a week, did her project and returned to my work at home.
Although it isn't the most complicated project, we live in this room. We do not have a family room and so most activities and such are in this room. Not only did we have to paint and get new blinds, the furniture either had to be replaced or recovered and the biggest project was to refinish the floors.
Our budget didn't allow for new furniture and having one of the boys still at home with his friends, we decided that covering the older furniture would be best for now. I used denim to make slip covers for the cushions on the furiture.
This is also not the time of year to do the floors, so I tackled all the other projects and decided to leave the floors until Spring and warmer weather.
I finished sewing the last of the throw pillows for the couches last night. Whew!!! What a relief.
It has taken us almost 8 years to get to this point, and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The last project is the Bathroom. We only have one, so it will have to be done quickly. We can go to Grandma's for showers, but we need the facilities daily. We will wait for warmer weather for this project.
So here is a peak it the living room as it now. I can't wait to do the floors. It will make a big difference when they are done.
Living room with new blinds (I love my new blinds)
recovered Love seat and new lamp
Can you see the faux finish on the walls?

Recovered chair

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Look! Up in the sky! Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Oh! It is sunshine!
Something we haven't seen much of here lately!
I was so happy to see the sun, even though it was only
5 degrees out when I was taking photos!

Oh look! It is a bird!
I have silly guinea hens that roost in the trees,
and they don't seen to care about the cold.
This one was out all night while the rest of the guineas stayed in the barn.
Such foolish birds!

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