Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Well Spring came and went and Summer has begun.
The temperatures were weird and too warm too fast for Spring.
Dave is ahead in all his planting and ground work.
He started making hay, earlier than most years.
We had a few activities happening here at the farm.
Dad turned 75 so we celebrated at the Winery!
The hens are laying eggs galore!
One hen is laying a HUGE egg every other day.
They weigh 4.5 oz. The largest was 5 oz.
They are double yolkers!
I worked real hard and made a new cover for the porch swing.
I also made some covers for the other patio furniture.
The garden is finally in and all the chicks have
been moved to their new coops. The new batch should start
laying in July!
A robin decided to make a nest on the mirror of the truck.
It laid 4 eggs in the nest but then abandoned the nest.
It was neat to see how resourceful the birds can be
when they want to build a nest!
Summer looks like it will be a hot one.
I have already turned the AC on in the house
and the fans are blowing in the coops to keep the air moving.
Good thing we saved so much on natural gas for heating,
because it is going to cost us a fortune for electric and the AC!

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